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Alexander's Public School

Each week, The Hamilton Spectator presents a page of news from local schools. It's a page for students by students. Today we feature Alexander's Public School.

Rilie's Pastel artwork

Amanda's Pastel artwork

The Highschool Glory

Shameer Mapp (grade eight)

The blood, the sweat, the tears

The laughter, cries and cheers

Fast break, shake and bake

Pump fake, love and hate

Five souls intertwined as one

If this game is to be won

‘Cause in this league

Its not about the cash

It’s all about the love,

Not a paycheck or camera flash

Only four years to prove it you have what it takes

To be the big man on campus,

cause you scored twenty-eight

“SWISH” is like a cry from heaven, as if God himself

Came down and whispered, “Nothing but net”

The angels sang the “chorus”, the crowd can’t stop roaring

Everytime I hear the story,

of the highschool “Glory”

One Last Shot

Shameer Mapp (grade eight)

As I dribble down the court

I hear the whistle blow

The ref yells out two shots

And sends me for a free throw

I make my first shot it goes down with a swish

But for my second shot I could only wish

I really want to make it

Go ahead and save the game

But instead I airballed and felt really lame

Coach called a time out and said I want the ball

Steal it on the throw in and we will win it all

The center throws the ball in and our player jumps in front

He throws his little hands up and the ball goes bump

Its in the air now and it is right where I can see

So I jump as high as I can and it lands right on me

I dribble to the three point line, stopped and popped a shot

But next thing that I knew it bounced right out

The teams scrambled for a rebound, we’re still trailing them by three

But out of nowhere out team grabs the ball and throws it back out to me

I try to take the three again and this time it’s a swish

I never could have done it without our team’s dish

My coach said I saved the game with my Hail Mary shot

He jumped up and down and celebrated quite a lot

We’re going to the championship

Hooray Yee-hah Yippee

We never could have done it without Patrick Cassidy


Erica Hollingsworth (grade 8)

ADRENALINE –it rushes through me, and I start to get in the zone

BROTHERS –my competition and my encouragement

CHASE –the gold and the dream

DEFEND –your title, and show you still deserve it

EXCELLENCE –is what everyone here is achieving

FRIENDS –and family are here to support us every step of the way

GROUND –your turf and the worst nightmare to those who fall

HOME –is where we celebrate our victories and forget our defeat

INTEREST –in your competition - Are they really that good?

JOKES –the media stings, but don’t let the jokes control you

KIDS –they see you as a role model and you live up to it

LOVE –is the only way to describe how you feel about what you do

MOVEMENT –change of direction and change of feeling

NEVER –let go of your dreams. Hold on.

OPEN -your mind to new training and new hopes for tomorrow

POWER –it’s mind over matter. Mentally and physically

QUIET –block out the noise, the jeering and the booing

REST –you’re tired, so take a break

STRENGTH –you’ve trained a lot for this

TRAINING –new techniques, new coaches, and passion

UNDERDOG –so you lost a few times…just get up and keep going

VARIETY –don’t compete the same 30 million times

X-TREME –tension, competition and a desire to win

YELLING –from fans, coaches, family and haters

ZEN –calm, cool and ready to race

Top Ten Books Made into Movies

Kyleigh Murray (grade 6)

1. Twilight

2. Marley and Me

3. Harry Potter

4. Bridge to Terabithia

5. Inkheart

6. Holes

7. Clique

8. City of Ember

9. Coraline

10. Little House on the Prairie

Top Ten Authors

Samantha Thom and Jade Gilbert (Grade 6)

1. Cornelia Funke

2. Eric Walters

3. Roald Dahl

4. Kate DiCamillo

5. Jean Little

6. Judy Blume

7. C.S. Lewis

8. Laura Ingalls Wilder

9. Gordan Korman

10. Christopher Paolini

What’s Hot and What’s Not

Safah Kamaludeen (grade six)


True Friends


Showing Kindness

Positive words


Jump Squad

Reading great books

Including everyone

Making New Friends


Our Band and Choirs

Following our Tribes everyday



Snowball Fights

Negative words


Hurting Others

Not Including everyone




Not Following our Tribes Agreements

A Child’s Hand

Michael Parent (grade eight)


This is a sculpture of a child’s hand, but it represents so much more.

The life behind this particular hand is like most, but not like all lives. This hand has not experienced poverty. However, this hand represents a child reaching out for help, like those of children and their families who live in third world countries.

No matter where a child or person lives, their life or any other is important. These lives are reaching out for help and must be saved.

Their life is important, so you should care for it as if it were yours.

Your parents’ love you and they would never want you to leave their lives. Well, it is the same in third world countries. These children are dying and we need to help. Not only are children experiencing extreme poverty but so are many adults as well. They all need help. Poverty can be a lot of things –a minimal amount of money or food, lack of shelter, little or no education, only a few pieces of clothing. We have the power to help.

Move from Me to We by helping other that are suffering from poverty around the world. All you need to do is lend a hand and help. You can help by giving your time, money, lover or prayers.

What’s wrong with helping?

What’s wrong with giving?


So, just try, no harm donw, reach out and lend a HELPING HAND.

From Me to We

Samantha Lynn (grade 8)


What do you do when you wake up in the morning? Brush your teeth, floss, eat breakfast and then go to school. You might do these things, but there are many children all over the world who don’t get to. No breakfast, no school. To make matters worse, some children no longer have their parents to look after them because of sickness or war.

Have you ever taken a minute to realize how lucky we are? Most of us eat at least three times a day, we go to school, have proper shelter, time to play and medications for when we are sick. Not to mention that many of us have those extras, like iPods, computers and new clothes and the money to buy more.

But we also have the power to make a change.

Let’s go from Me to We.

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