Friday, August 28, 2009

R.L. Hyslop Elementary School

Abbey Cole, gr 6, Ms. Vesprini’s class
Shari Nash, gr 6, Ms. Vesprini’s class
Shelby Hrach, gr 6, Ms. Vesprini’s class

The 2008-9 R.L. Hyslop Dimes for Dollars Team
Team Leader, Jessica McNaught, grade 7, Publicist, Rebecca Gallant, grade 7, Treasurer, Alyssa Atkinson, grade 8, Assistant/Designer, Jessica Mulay, grade 5, Designer, Abby McNaught, grade 5, Assistant, Jessica Forester, grade 5, Teacher Leader: Vera Rehill, R.L. Hyslop School
In May 2006, two grade 4 students were assigned an enrichment Research Project to investigate Hamilton Food Share. The students research HFS on the web, visited the Hamilton Food Share warehouse and interviewed staff, wrote a report, presented a project and raised money through school collections. The project continues to date as "Dimes for Dollars", Children Helping Children, supporting Hamilton Food Share.

Every September students from grades 5-8 complete application forms applying for Dimes for Dollars Team positions: Team Leader, Assistant, Treasurer, Publicist, and Designer(s). The D4D Team meets once a week to plan the once a month collection, count money, plan the bulletin board in the school lobby, write school announcements, write announcements for students' agendas, and plan special theme collection days. Collection themes have included Meet the Teacher BBQ Hawaiian style, Hallowe'en Crazy Costume Collection, Christmas Season Candy Cane-o-grams, Puppy Poster Give Away and plans are under way for a special Valentine collection.

Since May 2006, the Dimes for Dollars Teams have collected over $4,000 for Hamilton Food Share to raise more than $40,000 of food for local food banks, and charitable and emergency organizations. Dimes for Dollars is a wonderful way to get children involved in volunteerism and learning about the importance of charitable organizations. We hope that other schools will start "Dimes for Dollars Teams" to raise funds for Hamilton Food Share and help relieve hunger in our community.

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