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Green Acres Elementary School

Green Acres Elementary School is a JK-8 school in Stoney Creek that was opened in 1957. The student enrollment is currently at 330, including two special classes: Intermediate Comprehensive and Grade 1 Speech and Language. There are approximately 25 staff members including teachers, educational assistants, caretakers and administrative staff.

Green Acres Staff demonstrates dedication to the students, families and each other as we work as a Professional Learning Community. Our school’s Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles were developed in 2003 to reflect our commitment to student achievement and are proudly posted throughout the school. To learn more about Green Acres and how we support students in their academic pursuits, please click on the following link;

Green Acres School


45 Randall Avenue
Stoney Creek ON, L8G 2K8

Phone Number: (905)662-7021
Fax Number: (905)662-6236

Pulse Facilitator: Alana Hudson

Social activism and volunteering are forefront in the minds of many Green Acres students.

An Interview with Nick Davies

(A Student at Green Acres who is involved in Community Outreach)

Matthew Grant and Berkcan Hikmet, Ms. Hudson class, Grade: 8

Matthew: What form of activism are you going to do?

Nick: We have these shoeboxes; we put toys and home essentials, in it. No foods or drinks since they would probably expire before it got to them.

Berkcan: When are you going to do this activism?

Nick: I am not exactly sure when we are going to do this. I suspect it is going to be around Christmas time.

Matthew: Why are you going to do this activism?

Nick: I believe that kids all around the world deserve a good Christmas.

Berkcan: Be specific, what type of stuff are you putting in the shoeboxes to perform the activism?

Nick: We are putting in toy cars, Barbie dolls (for girls). We would not put in toy guns/ slingshots because it would teach the kids receiving them, bad behaviour.

Matthew: Where are you going to do this activism?

Nick: I believe that we are going to do this in our school with Aimee Heffmann in my class.

Berkcan: Where are you delivering these packages?

Nick: Homeless people will probably come to our school (Green Acres), to pick up whatever happens to be in the box.

Matthew: What do you call this whole thing?

Nick: To be honest, I do not know if there is a name for it but what we are doing is giving back to other people. We care about other people and in our Early Act Leadership Group; we are doing a variety of activities that will put others ahead of ourselves.

Matthew/Berkcan: Thank you for this interview.

Nick: You are welcome.

Art Gallery


Volunteering poster by Rachel Stephens


Volunteering poster by Gemma Costello and Liza Samadi

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