Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greensville Elementary School

Greensville School is a small rural community that has a long tradition dating back to 1848. The school is a one floor plan in the shape of an ‘L’ with wheel chair access. It has a large grassed area as well as tar via which includes a soccer field, baseball diamond and creative playground. Many renovations were completed over the last 3 years.

The school is well established with many families continuing to return to the have their children attend the school. We serve 267 students from JK to grade 5, on a traditional day schedule. Greensville is a caring community deep in tradition including a Christmas Concert and “Fun Fair”.

Greensville enjoys the services of over 90 volunteers, who support the learning needs of the children on a daily basis. We promote healthy eating providing daily milk as well as alternating pizza or hot dog days each Friday. We have been quoted as “A leader in Parental Involvement” by senior management. Parents are actively involved in all facets of planning and decision making. Representatives from the School Council and Home and School are members on our School Improvement Planning Committees.


Greensville Elementary School

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5
625 Harvest Road
Phone Number : (905) 628-6221
Fax Number : (905) 628-8343

Facilitator: David Harper

Art Gallery

Grade 5, Mr. Harper’s Class

Grade 5, Mr. Harper’s Class

Grade 5, Mr. Harper’s Class

Grade 5, Mr. Harper’s Class

Sleeping Children Around The World
Jenna Reyenga, and Natalya Kosubovich, Grade 5, Mr. Harper’s Class

Did you sleep in a bed last night? Were you warm and comfortable? Well think about the less fortunate children around the world. They do not have beds, let alone a home. They spend their nights and many more to come huddled in streets or anyplace possible. Students at Greensville School want to make a stop to that! We can not support everything, but we can at least give them a bed roll so they can sleep comfortably and not be cold. The students at Greensville School are hosting a fundraiser and 100% of the money raised is going toward bed rolls.

Greensville School used to collect money for UNICEF. We are not able to do that because the boxes are not given out to schools anymore. We are now donating to SCAW, (Sleeping Children around the World.) Maybe your school would like to join us!

Top 10 Excuses for Forgetting Your Homework
Liddie-Beth Palmers, Grade 5, Mr. Harper’s Class

1. It dropped in the mud puddle getting on the bus.

2. My friend borrowed it to copy it and did not give it back.

3. My dog was so hungry he ate it.

4. My sister scribbled all over it by accident.

5. It fell out of my backpack and got lost.

6. My father spilt his coffee all over it.

7. I accidentally dropped the paper in the campfire.

8. I dropped it on the road and the garbage truck ran over it.

9. I flushed it down the toilet by accident.

10. I was out all night and I did not get a chance to finish it.

Domestic to Wild
Alex Perron, Grade 5, Mr. Harper’s Class

House Pets
Playful, Obedient
Barking, meowing, chirping
Fur, Feathers, Claws, Paws
Running, Scratching, Sleeping
Wild, scavengers

Jade Silveira, Grade 5, Mrs Kosempel’s Class

Drip drop rain falls down
Everybody runs around
In the misty air

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